XX Voloshin Readings

XX Voloshin Readings To the 140th anniversary of the birth of M. Voloshin International Scientific Conference «Crimean text of the Silver age»

Theodosia, Russia
Until 23 may 2017 19:00
23 - 29 May 2017
ИМЛИ РАН, Theodosia, Russia

XX Voloshin Readings

XX Voloshin Readings To the 140th anniversary of the birth of M. Voloshin International Scientific Conference «Crimean text of the Silver age»




Crimean text as  subject of study in light of the growing interest in context as such is an important literary problem. In the 80-ies of the 19th century in the Crimea formed an attraction to the cultural and artistic life. Arise and succeed each other centers of informal communications around famous artists and writers. The first in this series is a center of art, music and theater in Feodosia, which arose on the basis of the exhibition center Aivazovsky stayed I. I. Shishkin, I. E. Repin, A. P. Chekhov, Pavel Tretyakov, A. Rubinstein, the actors of Alexandria and Mariinsky theaters. In 1886 a center of attraction for young artists become the country Kuindzhi in Kikeneize where you go to N. Roerich, A. Rylov, K. Bogaevsky. 1898, Chekhov moved to Yalta, and from this period begins literary pilgrimage to Chekhov in Yalta. In 1901 L. Tolstoy arrives for treatment in Gaspra. Since that time, Yalta became the cultural Mecca of the silver age. Since 1907 settled in KoktebelVoloshin, where he lives for 30 years, it gathers all the literary and cultural Bohemia: Mandelstam, Andrei Bely, Bryusov, Bulgakov, Tsvetaeva, N. Gumilev, Zoshchenko, Chukovsky, Neuhaus, etc. Cimmerian myth in Feodosia locus is formed as an aesthetic phenomenon of the Silver age. The study of the atmosphere of literary and artistic life of the early twentieth century, the complex relations between cultural figures in the Crimea allows to significantly expand the field of studying the phenomenon of the Silver age . Important study of the interaction of philosophical and aesthetic grounds Cimmerian myth, the Tavrian myth and the "St. Petersburg text", "Crimean text" and others, the consideration features of “territorialization” and “deterritorialization” of the Crimean text. Of particular importance in terms of methodology is the realization of ways of describing local texts.

The scientific significance of the events connected with the formation of a global unified information space of Russian and Slavic studies, and has to ensure adequate presence in it of Russian scientists, including teachers, students, Museum workers of Crimea, staging system interdisciplinary problem-methodological problems in the description of the phenomena of culture, ensuring close cooperation of academic schools with education, outreach activities and broading public awareness with the results of fundamental research.

As a result of the conference is planned publication of a collection of scientific papers international scientific conference "Crimean text of the Silver age".


Институт мировой литературы им. Горького РАН

The Institute of world literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

The house-Museum of M. A. Voloshin, Koktebel





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