V Международный научный конгресс «Глобалистика-2017» - в рамках мероприятий Global Studies Conference

Москва, Россия
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Humanity as Geo-Physical Force on Planet Earth (Big History and Global Evolution Symposium)

Stephen Stefanovic Ternyik
The sustainable (eco-logical) interplay of bio-physical economics, the nature of capitalism and human systems morality should be analyzed and discussed from the scientific viewpoint of land (natural resources & real estate/assets), monetary tools (money & banking/liquidity) and economic value creation (by land/rent, labor/wages, capital/interest).

Stephen Stefanovic Ternyik
The decisive focus of this natural and humanitarian problem is the exponentiation of the production function which will revolutionize the socio-economic role of human labor in the nest 20 years.

Stephen Stefanovic Ternyik
The Exponentiation of the Production Function is discussed in my above mentioned question post, concerning the role of human labor and social ecology.