23 Jun - 7 Jul 2013
23 Jun - 7 Jul 2013
МГОУ, Stary Oskol, Russia



In August, the 2009th, being on a 5 course, Michael Blank decided to create an outdoor family club «All of the houses.» It may seem strange that a young man opened the family club, where classes are held mostly for kids from 1 to 6 years, but when you see his glowing eyes new ideas, once you realize that he is busy with his business. The club is really a family atmosphere prevails: the small bright rooms, lots of toys, all sorts of devices for physical and mental development of babies and of course, the masterpieces of students (especially the impressive work of Man, jellyfish and mushrooms, but that's another story). We are primarily interested in the difficulties faced by young entrepreneurs in the early stages, both through and take your place in the market, how to dial workers and to organize the process. However, we learned much more than expected.
Mike also spoke about the peculiarities of Russian business, and the characteristics of Russian education system, what technique is better for integrated development of children, and even that, with what thoughts must get down to business, to always succeed. Mike, tell me what is your idea of family club? - First you need to say that all pre-school is now divided into two types - from the government (kindergartens, centers, clubs, etc.) and private.
In public kindergartens often consists of a group of 20 people and the development of the individual is not a speech, it all comes down to following three rules: do not take do not go and does not baluysya. Salary of teachers with all the allowances is about 8,000 rubles, and therefore work there either saints or those who can not find a better place and, unfortunately, the majority. And this is reflected in children is not the best way.


Сибирский федеральный университет, Lesosibirsk Pedagogical Institute
Московский государственный медико-стоматологический университет имени А.И. Евдокимова
Московский государственный областной университет
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