1 - 3 Jun 2016
1 - 3 Jun 2016
ЮФУ, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Future of the Russian insurance: estimates, problems, growth points

XVII International scientific and practical conference "Future of the Russian insurance: estimates, problems, growth points"


The ROSGOSSTRAKH (RGS) company together with the Southern federal university plans in 2016 during the period from June 1 to June 3 to hold the XVII International scientific and practical conference devoted to actual problems of insurance science and practice in the Russian Federation "The future of the Russian insurance: estimates, problems, growth points".

At conference discussion of a wide range of problems of current state and prospects of the insurance market Russian Federation, separate types of insurance, interactions of the megaregulator and insurance companies, etc. is supposed. On sections problems of regulation of the insurance market, legal support of functioning of insurance branch, development and improvement of system of insurance education, staffing of insurance business in Russia, actuarial calculations, the perspective directions of scientific researches in the field of insurance will be considered.

To participation in conference representatives of insurance science and practice, insurance companies, everything who is interested in development of the Russian insurance, the staff of the Central bank, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, heads of professional associations of insurers, other power structures of federal and municipal level are invited. And also the teachers of educational institutions who are carrying out training of specialists of a bank and insurance profile.

Earlier held conferences in various HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Russia caused a great interest in the academic insurance community, promoted activization of communications and contracts between Higher education institutions and insurance companies, stimulated carrying out concrete scientific researches in the branches of insurance knowledge, most actual for business. Hundreds of scientists, teachers, representatives of insurance companies from Russia and from abroad took part in conferences. It is published and dispatched on libraries of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of the Russian Federation, seven collections of the works including hundreds of articles are indexed in the Russian index of scientific citings.


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