5 - 18 Jun 2017
5 - 18 Jun 2017
MSU, Bergen, Norway

Биология кольчатых червей

International Course on Annelid Systematics, Morphology and Evolution


We aim to provide participants with a unique opportunity to get state of the art knowledge in various aspects of annelid biology as well as hands-on experience in the field and laboratory study of annelid worms. The course will cover a wide range of annelid taxa including major macrobenthic forms, interstitial and pelagic annelids. The lectures will address various theoretical questions in annelid biology, morphology, development, systematics, phylogeny and evolution. We will also cover several methods used in annelid studies including morphological methods (histology, cLSM, SEM, TEM) and molecular techniques (barcoding, species delimitation, phylogenetic approaches, genomic studies). During the lab work we will study external and internal morphology of selected annelid taxa, perform dissections and preparations of slides. We will also attempt to perform artificial fertilization in selected species and trace early development in annelids. Species used in the course will be collected by the students during the field trips in the vicinity of the Station. We plan intertidal and small boat trips, as well as five collecting trips on board of a research vessel ‘Hans Brattström’.

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Lomonosov Moscow State University, Биологический факультет


Музей университета Бергена, Норвегия (University of Bergen, Norway)

Стратегическая программа по международному образованию и исследованиям, SPIRE (Strategic Programme for International Research and Education)

Школа исследований биосистематики, ForBio (Research School in Biosystematics)

Норвежский центр по международной кооперации и образованию (Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education)




Наталия Будаева, сотрудник Музея университета Бергена (

Aino Hosia, координатор ForBio (

Cost of participation

Участие для русских студентов и аспирантов бесплатное, см подробности здесь