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  1. Balatskiy A.V. - NG-2 positive intimal cells are located in typical sites of atherosclerotic lesions development
  2. Bergelson T.M. - Cerebral venous insufficiency in children with connective tissue dysplasia
  3. Budarina O.V. - Influence of arachidonic acid metabolites on nuclei and cell migration in proliferative vitreoretinopathy and total retinal ischemic models in rats
  4. Buklesheva D.A. - The study of bio-comparability and cytotoxicity of amylose-based biopolymers in vivo et in vitro
  5. Danilov M.R. - The role of voltage-gated potassium chanels in no-dependent vascular relaxation in pulmonary arteries of rats with unilateral common or external carotid artery ligation
  6. Dologlanyan S.I. - The influence of EM radiation of modern device on the brain based on the example of a mobile phone
  7. Dubas V.I. - Effect of the metformin on the osmotic resistance of red blood cells
  8. Evteev S.A. - Modeling of sulfonamide-based linkers for the design of bifunctional inhibitors of influenza virus neuraminidase
  9. Gadzhikurbanov M.N. - Editing the genome via CRISPR / cas9 in order to study the role of HHEX in the development of liver cirrhosis
  10. Glushchenko A.A. - Health Technology Assessment - A Comparison between Germany, Russia and Great Britain
  11. Gurskaya E.Y. - Medical uses of preparations from non-polar fragments of the Nigella species metabolites derived from its seeds
  12. Ivanova N.A. - Resolving power of contrast-enhanced ultrasound detention of carotid plaque neovascularization
  13. Kalashnik A.A. - Thrombocytopenia as a predictive marker of higher mortality rate and more severe course of heart failure in patients with infective endocarditis
  14. Karpova N.S. - The connection between the complement system and autism spectrum disorders: fundamental and applied aspects
  15. Kostishko I.B. - The structure of the intracranial veins and elastic-viscous properties of erythrocyte membranes in children with connective tissue dysplasia
  16. Kostritsa N.S. - STR-PCR based monitoring of chimerism requires correct calculation due to the PCR stutter-bands contribution
  17. Kurmyshkina O.V. - Immunoregulatory cells of the innate and adaptive immune systems in the development of invasive cancer (by the example of carcinoma in situ and microinvasive carcinoma of the cervix)
  18. Maria K.A. - Participation of urokinase system in activation and proliferation of regulatory T-lymphocytes in vivo
  19. Martynova A.A. - Anatomic variation of the sphenoid sinus of a person depending on the severity of the adhesions tipped processes
  20. Morozova D.S. - A new method for assessment of oxidative status of follicular fluid in women undergoing in vitro fertilization
  21. Nesterova O.Y. - The genetic analysis of BCR-ABL+ clone with del. c.1086-1270 (p.R362fs*21) in Russian patients with chronic myeloid leukemia
  22. Nezhdanov K.S. - Evaluation of topographic differences between long-latency visual evoked potentials triggered by perception of familiar and non-familiar faces among healthy subjects using electroencephalography method
  23. Pyrkova E.Y. - Anti-CD antibody microarray - a new method for the detection of tumor cells in hairy cell leukemia
  24. Sagaradze G.D. - The Application of a Novel Biomaterial Based on the Secreted Products of Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Spermatogenesis Restoration in the Model of Experimental Cryptorchidism
  25. Shchinova A.M. - Influence of atorvastatin therapy on lymphocyte and monocyte subpopulations in blood of patients with stable angina
  26. Shmakova A.A. - Applying CRISPR / Cas9 genome editing technology to knockout the urokinase receptor gene for treatment of neuroblastoma
  27. Shutova A.S. - The use of fast-track/ERAS protocol in abdominal surgery in patients with severe haemophilia: way to personalize treatment
  28. Sokhranyaeva L.S. - Early life proinflammatory stress impairs stress reactivity in adult rats
  29. Yusupova A.R. - The properties of auditory evoked potentials during simultaneous registration from scalp and central grey matter in patients after surgical removal of pineal region tumors
  30. Малыгина Н.М. - Enzyme activity determination using clinical diagnostic kits: computing procedure optimization case study assessment of amylase activity in whole mixed saliva
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