12 - 16 Nov 2012


Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Cybernetics

Kiev, Ukraine
T. Shevchenko KNU
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12 - 16 Nov 2012
T. Shevchenko KNU, Kiev, Ukraine


Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Cybernetics

12-16 November 2012 II International scientific conference of students and young scientists «Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Cybernetics» (TAAC-2012) will be held. It will be based on Cybernetics Faculty in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev.

The conference will take place the meeting on 4 directions: computer science, applied mathematics and systems analysis, artificial intelligence, software engineering.

In addition to plenary sessions you have an opportunity to visit theme parties, take some excursions around Kiev, find new friends and like-minded people, fill yourself with positive emotions and have a good time (Information about previous conferences).

Total amount of participants will be defined by Program Committee, which consists of competent lectors and scientists. Selection will be provided in way of work review.

Working meeting of the conference will be hold in the form of reports. We strongly recommend you to prepare presentations of your report (.ppt/.pptx/.pdf etc) if you want to make good quality presentation.

The official languages of conference are English, Ukrainian and Russian. You can register using English only. The working language of each section will be selected by wishes of section participants. Reporter chooses the language of presentation at his discretion.

If you want to take part in the conference you should read the rules of participation and register till 30 September 2012. Along this period you should donwload your paper, which is formatted using our requirements. Paper can be donwload using registration form only. We do not accept any paper, which is sent not via registration form.

After finishing registration in one week taking part invitations will be send. Then you should pay registration fee, which depends of following:

200 UAH — for participants from Ukraine.
50 ? — for foreign participants.
As a result of conference a collection with abstracts of participants will be printed.

From 12 to 16 November, when participants will be in Kiev, they will be provided with a residence. Approximate price is 120 UAH (12 ?) per day (paid separately from registration fee). If it's necessary there will be an opportunity to stay for additional time in the hostel (120 UAH/12 ? per day).

The scientific program of the conference includes the main directions of cybernetics, which are presented in the following directions:

1. Computer Science:
Information security and cryptography;
Database and Knowledge Base;
Analysis of Algorithms;
Data Structures;
Genetic algorithms;
Mathematical Logic;
Fuzzy sets and Rough sets;
Automata Theory and Formal Languages;
Graph Theory;
Petri nets;
Applications of General Algebra;
Constraints Programming;
Automated Theorem Proving;
Model checking;
Analysis and Verification of Software;
2. Applied Mathematics and System Analysis:
Applied Mathematical Modeling;
Mathematical Modeling of Social and Ecological and Economic Processes;
Computational Geometry;
Fractal Analysis and Dynamic Chaos;
Signal Processing and Image Processing;
Optimization Theory;
Mathematical Programming;
Decision Making;
Game Theory;
Systems with Distributed Parameters;
Differential and Integral Equations;
Numerical Methods;
Combinatorial Analysis;
Data Mining;
Nonlinear Analysis;
Mathematical Statistics;
Random Processes and Stochastic Systems;
Queuing Theory;
Actuarial Mathematics;
Financial Mathematics;
Algebra and Topology;
Categorical Analysis;
Applied Functional Analysis;
Optimal Control;
3. Artificial Intelligence:
Machine Learning;
Computer Linguistics;
Machine Translation;
Intelligent Information Systems;
Intelligent Agents and Networks;
Pattern Recognition;
Adaptive Systems;
Intelligent Information Processing;
Cognitive Modeling;
Computer Vision;
Information Retrieval;
Expert Systems;
Neural Networks;
4. Software Engineering:
Engineering Software;
Software Testing;
Programming Mobile Devices;
Parallel, Distributed and Cloud Computing;
Design and Development of Real-Time Systems;
Software Development Technologies;
Information Systems Development Technologies;
Software Project Management Methodology;
Reengineering Software;
Computer Networks and Systems;
Approaches to quality assessment and reliability software;


T. Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Факультет кибернетики
Scientific Community of Students and Postgraduates of Cybernetics Faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
Cybernetics Faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Institute of Software Systems of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


Address: Scientific community of students and postgraduates, Taras Shevchenko national university of Kiev, Cybernetics faculty, Academician Glushkov Avenu 4d, 03187 Kyiv, Ukraine.
Chairman (Dmytro Terletskyi): +38(095)678-27-65, +38(093)965-04-48, +38(098)649-97-07
Vice-chairman (Ihor Lytvynenko):+38(097)821-33-23
Vice-chairman (Lasia Karabin): +38(063)893-83-07
Secretary (Anastasiia Prashchur): +38(096)951-08-34

About partners

Grammarly (Sponsor), EPAM Systems (Sponsor), School of English «Green Forest» (Partner)

Cost of participation

50 евро