5 - 9 Sep 2016
НИЯУ МИФИ, Moscow, Russia

International Conference for young scientists, specialists and post-graduates on Nuclear Reactor Physics 2016 (ICNRP-2016)

International research conference «International Conference for young scientists, specialists and post-graduates on Nuclear Reactor Physics 2016 (ICNRP-2016)» 5-9 September 2016.


UPDATE 15/09/2018

  • ICNRP-2018 will be held from 3 to 7 September at the health resort "Volga", Tverskaya oblast, Russia.

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The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity to share experiences and lessons learned in the nuclear reactors design, operation, and modeling and to share practical approaches to education that can be implemented at the various levels: undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate. Conference is dedicated to sustainable development of nuclear technology and issues and trends in nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel cycle areas. 

Technical topics:

  1. Features of fast reactors
  2. Ecological issues and prospects of closed nuclear fuel cycle
  3. Management and non-proliferation of nuclear materials
  4. Challenges in closed nuclear fuel cycle implementation
  5. Calculation for the needs of operation and design of nuclear reactors
  6. Computational reactor tests, codes and data bases
  7. Nuclear education & knowledge management


Национальный исследовательский ядерный университет «МИФИ»


Chairman: Strikhanov M.N., rector of NRNU MEPhI


Caruso G., professor, Sapienza University of Rome,

Hascik J., professor, Technical University of Bratislava,

Janardhanan N.K., assistant professor, Jawaharlala Nehru University,

Pershukov V.A., deputy director general, Rosatom,

Tikhomirov G.V., dean of Physical-technical faculty, NRNU MEPhI,

Tikhomirov V.V., professor, Belarusian State University.


Questions related to submission should be addressed to:

E-mail: Volga@mephi.ru