XX International Conference on «Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains»

Moscow, Russia
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The conference structure

The conference structure will include the plenary keynotes and tutorials presented by the leading researchers, regular sessions containing regular and short presentations of the research results obtained in various conference tracks, as well as demo/poster sessions. English and Russian are official languages of the conference with the synchronous translation. For young researchers the PhD Workshop is planned. Co-located with the conference the Satellite events are also planned including workshops (open and by invitation) and invited sessions. Paper submission rules and templates can be found at the website.

Conference topics. The open list of topics proposed for submission is organized in form of the tracks presented in the list given below (detailed characterization of each track can be found at the website).

Tracks of the sphere for data analytics and problem solving in DID:

  • Peculiarities of data in DID
  • Problem statement and solving in DID
  • Organization of experiments in DID
  • Hypotheses and models (as constituents of research experiments in DID)
  • Advanced data intensive analysis methods and procedures
  • Conceptual modeling of a universe of discourse in DID
  • Application of data intensive analysis in DID research

Tracks of the sphere for data management in DID:

  • Data integration in DID
  • Data extraction from texts
  • Research data infrastructures and their applications in DID
  • Semantic Web role in DID