1 - 5 Oct 2018
YSU, Yaroslavl, Россия

Integrable Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics

International conference on Integrable Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics

The conference is devoted to a wide range of topics related to integrable systems and nonlinear dynamics, including algebraic and geometric methods and problems of mechanics. Information systems with applications in these areas will be considered as well.
Main conference topics:
  • Integrable Systems of Differential and Difference Equations;
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Mechanics;
  • Algebraic and Geometric Methods;
  • Mathematical Methods in Information Systems.
Conference language: English.

To participate in the conference, you need to register. For registration, please apply at this website, by clicking the green button «Apply» in the upper left corner of this webpage.

If you wish to give a talk at the conference, then, when you apply at the website, please choose the role of "Speaker" and upload the abstract of your potential talk (preferably in English) in TeX format.
The abstract length should not exceed two pages. No more than two talk abstracts can be submitted by the same author (and a potential second talk must be with a coauthor participating in the conference). The abstract template can be found in the section «Files» in the bottom of this webpage.
The organisers will take into consideration the submitted abstracts and will inform the registered participants about the available possibilities: either give a talk or present a poster. The collection of abstracts will be published before the beginning of the conference.
The conference opens on Monday, October 1 at 14:00.
Registration of participants begins on Monday, October 1, 12:30.
The conference is planned to finish on Friday, October 5 at 18:00.

The conference programme and the collection of abstracts can be found in the section «Files» in the bottom of this webpage.

The conference venue is the IT company "Tenzor" at the address:
36 Uglichskaya str., Yaroslavl'.


P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University
  • P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University;
  • Regional Educational & Research Centre "Centre of Integrable Systems";
  • Steklov Mathematical Institute, RAS, Moscow;
  • IT-company "Tenzor" (https://tensor.ru)

Programme committee
  • V.M. Buchstaber (Steklov Math. Inst. RAS,Russia, co-chair)
  • N.P. Dolbilin (Steklov Math. Inst. RAS, Russia)
  • S.D. Glyzin (YarSU, Russia)
  • S.A. Kashchenko (YarSU, Russia)
  • Y. Kodama (Ohio State University, USA)
  • A.V. Mikhailov (YarSU, Russia, University of Leeds, UK, chair)
  • V.N. Rubtsov (University of Angers, France)
  • V.A. Sokolov (YarSU, Russia)
  • V.V. Sokolov (YarSU, Landau ITP Moscow, Russia)
  • D.V. Treschev (Steklov Math. Inst. RAS,Russia, co-chair)
  • J.P. Wang (University of Kent, UK)
Organising committee
  • S.D. Glyzin (YarSU, Russia)
  • S.A. Igonin (YarSU, Russia, co-chair)
  • S.G. Konstantinou-Rizos (YarSU, Russia, chair)
  • A.V. Mikhailov (YarSU, Russia, University of Leeds, UK)
  • P.N. Nesterov (YarSU, Russia)
  • I.E. Preobrazhenskii (YarSU, Russia)
  • V.A. Sokolov (YarSU, Russia)
  • N.S. Surikova (YarSU, Russia)
  • А.O. Tolbey (YarSU, Russia, secretary).


For any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact the organising committee by
E-mail: conference.cis.2018@gmail.com

About partners

The conference is financed by the Ministry of Education and Science in the framework of the state programme of the Minsitry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, grant № 1.12873.2018/12.1.

The IT company "Tenzor" provides the venue and technical support for the conference. More information about the conference can be found at the website: https://tensor.ru.