Lomonosov 2019

International scientific conference of students and young scientists "Lomonosov"

Москва, Россия
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Pedagogical education and educational technologies
Text Evaluation Criteria:
1. Contentfulness: the result of the author is formulated and in theses. The purpose of the conference is the exchange of scientific achievements; therefore, of interest are messages containing new approaches or conclusions supported by factual material and obtained by the author on the basis of a certain method, which should be reflected in the theses. If the theses formulate the results of the whole team, but do not say about the personal achievements of the author, then the theses will be rejected.
2. Originality: are there any new statements of problems, ideas, methods in the theses? For example, if the work is intended to once again confirm a well-known proposition, then the assessment of work will be low.
3. Adequacy: how the formulation of the problem and the methods of its solution correspond to the real situation in education. For example, the proposal to switch to universal individual education under current conditions is not practically feasible.
4. Systematicity: how fully the problem is investigated, whether it is considered from different points of view, whether different methods were used to solve it.
5. Argumentation: there are arguments, theoretical reasoning, experimental data that will be confirmed.

Requirements for presentations. Duration of reports.
The report and questions are given strictly 10 minutes per participant. 7 minutes for a report, 3 minutes for questions. The regulations are tough. Participants report only on specific results obtained in the course of their research. The presence of presentation slides is desirable but not necessary.

Text requirements:

Section Executive Secretary - Tatyana Toreeva
Email: fpo.mgu@gmail.com