Dynamics. 2019

Dynamics. 2019. Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl, Россия
Until 9 september 2019 00:00
10 - 12 Oct 2019
YSU, Yaroslavl, Россия

Dynamics. 2019

Dynamics. 2019. Yaroslavl

Main Topics
  • Nonlinear dynamics; 
  • Dynamics of singularly perturbed distributed systems;
  • Asymptotic methods in the problems of nonlinear dynamics and delay systems.
Official Languages
         Russian, English.

Abstracts and Papers
The conference abstracts will be published before the start of the conference. An abstract should not exceed 2 pages. No more than 2 abstracts (the second one with co-authors) may be submitted. The TeX-file template will be sent to registered participants and will also be available on the official website of the Conference.

Please, place your abstract on the web-site before September 10, 2019. Abstracts should be prepared using template. Abstracts should be presented in LaTeX.
Talks recommended by the Program Committee will be published in one of the following journals: “Regular and Chaotic Dynamics”, “Nelineinaya Dinamika” (Russian Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics), “Komp’uternye Issledovaniya i Modelirovanie” (Computer Experiments and Modeling), “Modelirovanie i Analiz Informatsionnykh Sistem” (Modeling and Analysis of Information Systems).

Accommodation and Transportation
Accommodation will be provided in the hotels in the central (historical) part of Yaroslavl, situated near the campus of P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University, where the conference will be held.
Transportation from the railway station to the hotel and from the hotel to the railway station after completion of the conference will be organized.

We look forward to seeing you among the participants of the 
international conference  
 “Dynamics. 2019. Yaroslavl”


P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University
Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

Program Committee 
V. Kozlov (Moscow, co-chairman),
S. Kaschenko (Yaroslavl, co-chairman), 
S. Glyzin (Yaroslavl),
N. Kudryashov (Moscow),
L. Lerman (Nizhny Novgorod), 
N. Nefedov (Moscow),
D. Treschev (Moscow),
D. Turaev (London)
Organizing Committee
S. Glyzin (Yaroslavl, chairman),
D. Glazkov (Yaroslavl),
I. Kaschenko (Yaroslavl),  
P. Nesterov (Yaroslavl),
A. Tolbey (Yaroslavl, secretary),
D. Chaly (Yaroslavl).