25 - 26 Mar 2021
MSU, Москва, Россия

Teaching Arabic Language, Literature and Culture

2nd International Conference on the Teaching of Arabic Language and Arabic Culture: tradition and modernity


The conference aims at bringing together teachers and lecturers of Arabic language, literature, linguistics and culture from Russia and abroad to share practice, exchange ideas and encourage partnership.

Suggested topics include:

·       Arabic Grammatical Tradition

·       modern ways of teaching Arabic Literature, Islamic Culture and Arab-Christian heritage

·       theory and practice of teaching Arabic language at different levels

·       translation from Russian (English, German, etc.) into Arabic and from Arabic into Russian (English, German, etc.)

·       new technologies in teaching Arabic language

·       projects of new teaching courses and new textbooks.



Lomonosov Moscow State University, Институт стран Азии и Африки, Кафедра арабской филологии
The Department of Arabic Philology, Institute of Asian and African Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University (IAAS MSU) 


For any queries about the conference, please contact: arabkaf07@mail.ru.