18 - 22 Jul 2022
18 - 22 Jul 2022
YSU, Yaroslavl, Россия

Integrable systems and geometry of moduli spaces

The ICM 2022 satellite conference integrable systems and geometry of moduli spaces, Yaroslavl

Organizing Committee: Fedor Bogomolov, Co-chairman (New York and Moscow), Alexan- der Mikhailov, Co-chairman (Leeds and Yaroslavl), A.Buryak (Moscow), B.Bychkov (Moscow), A.Ivanov (Moscow), V.Sokolov (Yaroslavl), Alexander Tikhomirov (Moscow, contact person), N.Timofeeva (Yaroslavl), M.Zavodchikov (Yaroslavl).
The Scientific Advisory Committee: F. Bogomolov (New York and Moscow), U. Bruzzo (Trieste), V. Buchstaber (Moscow), L. Chekhov (Michigan and Moscow), V. Kac (Boston), M. Kontsevich (Paris), S. Lando (Moscow), D. Markushevich (Lille), A. Mikhailov (Leeds and Yaroslavl), A. Schmitt (Berlin), C. Simpson (Nice), A.Tikhomirov (Moscow), R. Thomas (London), D. Treshchev (Moscow), A. Veselov (Loughborough and Moscow), V. Zakharov (Moscow).
Aims of the Conference: Mathematical physics and in particular the theory of integrable systems have always been one of the important applications and a source of new useful con- cepts in algebraic geometry. The conference aims at assessing the state of the art on various aspects of integrable systems, the geometry of moduli spaces and defining directions for future developments. We aim at gathering people with complementary expertise from the both sides of the interface. This could lead to new fruitful collaborations and further development of al- gebraic geometry and the theory of integrable systems. These topics covered in the conference lie at the intersection of some very hot areas of research in present-day pure mathematics and modern mathematical physics, such as integrable systems, algebraic geometry, representation theory, enumerative geometry and quantum field theory. We believe that for this reason this conference will attract considerable interest from the mathematics and theoretical physics communities.
Invited and keynote speakers: Many top experts in these areas from different countries of Europe, America, Asia and Australia have already agreed to attend and give talks at the conference. The following invited and keynote speakers have preliminary confirmed their participation in the conference: V.Alexeev (Univ. Georgia, Athens), V.Balaji (Chennai Math. Inst., Chennai), M.Bertola (Concordia University, Montreal and SISSA, Trieste), R.Bezrukavnikov (MIT, Boston), A.Buryak(NRU Higher School of Economics, Moscow), P.Etingof (MIT,Boston), G.Felder (ETH Zurich), M.Gekhtman (Norte Dame Univ., USA), A.Gholampour (Univ. of Maryland, College Park), R.Inoue (Chiba Univ., Japan), E.Macri (Univ. Paris-Saclay), D.Maulik (MIT, Boston), P.Norbury, (Univ. of Melbourne), K.O’Grady (Sapienza Univ. of Rome), T.Pantev (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia), L.Pertusi (Univ. of Milano), N.Reshetikhin (Berkeley), P.Rossi (Univ. of Padova), L.Rybnikov (HSE, Moscow), S.Shadrin, (Univ. of Amsterdam), M.Shapiro (Michigan State Univ., USA), P.Stellari (Univ. of Milano), Y.Toda (Kavli Inst. of Universe, Univ. of Tokyo), L.K.Williams (Harvard Univ.), K.Yoshioka (Kobe Univ.).


P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University
National Research University Higher School of Economics, Факультет математики
The Center of Integrable Systems (CIS) at the Yaroslavl State University (YarSU) and the Laboratory of Algebraic Geometry (LAG) at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow (NRU HSE).


Venue: Yaroslavl, the IT-company ”Tensor”.