3 Апр 2019
19:00 - 20:30

Course Design in Digital Environments

Open Webinar “Course Design in Digital Environments: DO's and DONT's and HOW TO's”

Москва, Россия
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NUST 'MISIS' is one of the leading technological universities and is a member of the ‘5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project’ in Higher Education. NUST 'MISIS' boasts a vast experience in designing state-of-the-art academic programs, implementing innovative technology in education, and hosting major conferences on new educational technologies in partnership with leading Russian and international experts, including #EdCrunch Global Conference on Technology in Education and annual ESP/EAP/EMI International Conference

We strongly believe that studying in one of the leading Russian technological universities allows one to gain a unique expertise in communication strategies for knowledge-intensive sectors. In 2015, the department opened the world's only Master Program in English ‘Communications and International Public Relations’. A multidisciplinary approach applied in the program makes it possible to combine various fields of knowledge and expertise.  Students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds can join the program and learn from their peers as they work on collaborative tasks and projects .

Master's Program ‘Communications and International Public Relations’ is designed to train specialists in the following areas:

•             effective communication strategies in contemporary media;

•             PR technologies and promotion of scientific innovations, products and technologies;

•             strategic marketing and business planning;

•             interaction with business, government and international organizations.

Our program also offers abundant Internship and Networking Opportunities.  Tailor-made practical modules and internship courses with the top brands and companies are designed to help our students become aware of the current professional realities and secure a future job with top communication and media agencies, public institutions as well as profit and non-profit organizations.

The Department’s hosts regular academic projects and educational events which are aimed at a wide range of audience, including schoolchildren, undergraduates and graduate students, school teachers and university professors, Russian and international organizations.

Our University Partnership Program includes the following opportunities:

  • Open Master-classes and Online Webinars for potential students and future professionals with the leading Department Experts & Professors;
    • 13 March 2019: “Efficient strategic management: global leaders and business environment”
    • 24 April    2019: “Cross-cultural trends and perspectives in public relations and communication”
  • International Conferences in the area of Communications, Technologies and Languages
  • Joint academic publications in renowned scientific journals and media;
  • On-site and Online Teacher Development Courses;
  • Exchange Programs for International students, etc.
More info at: https://twitter.com/CIPR_MISIS