V NPA 2021

Nonlinear Phenomenology Advances: Mathematics XXI Century & Natural Science

Гатчина, Россия
До 26 сентября 2021 23:59
5 - 9 Окт 2021
ГИЭФПТ, Гатчина, Россия

V NPA 2021

Nonlinear Phenomenology Advances: Mathematics XXI Century & Natural Science

О мероприятии

Fifth International Seminar "Nonlinear Phenomenology Advances: Mathematics XXI Century & Natural Science" is an regular event celebrating  research activities in nonliner science. This event is open to researchers and it promotes research in mathematics, economics, physics and other applications in various nonlinear science. Mathematics Division Institute of Economics, Finance, Law, and Technology of Gatchina.

There will be supposed to discuss recent advances and achievements in nonlinear science and data processing techniques. There will be paid special attention nonlinear tools and techniques. As well as there will be observed modern approaches and tools for data processing and for studying nonlinear problems in different fields of science
(mathematics: dynamic systems and numbers theory ..., physics, chemistry, biology, economics & others).


• Nonlinear dynamic systems
• Spatio-temporal structures patterning in complex media, fractals
• Wavelet analysis
• Self-organization and cooperative phenomena
• Classical and quantum chaos, controlling chaos, turbulence
• Wave turbulence and complexity
• Mesoscopic and low-dimensional systems
• Nonlinear dynamics in chemistry, biology, economics and social sciences
• Soils nonlinear dynamics and evolution
• Neural network modeling of nonlinear systems and phenomena
• Nonliner phenomena in nuclear and reactor physics

‡ Program will consist of reviewed reports and original talks for which contributions are invited.


Государственный институт экономики, финансов, права и технологий
Dmitry Serow,  Chairman (Institute of Economics, Finance, Law, and Technology, Gatchina, Russia)
Alexey Tolstic, Vice-Chaiman (Belarusian State University, Minsk, Belarus)

Контактная информация

Dmitry W. Serow
E-mail: dimusum@yandex.ru
Tel: +7 (904) 602 12 41

Praskowya D. Serowa

О партнёрах

Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus)
University of Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia)
Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (St.Petersburg (Hero City Leningrad), Russia)

Стоимость участия

The registration fee, of EURO 80 per participant and EURO 40 per an accompanying person, includes:

  • car transportation from airport from Saint Petersburg to Gatchina (25 min) and back,
  • refreshments during the breaks,
  • a social programme,
  • a copy of the Seminar proceedings.

The registration fee doesn’t cover accommodation and meals.

The fee will be accepted only in cash during the registration of the participants on their arrival.

Grants may be available to cover registration for NIS countries participants.